I can Fund your Real Estate Deal with Private Money!!!

The Solution for Real Estate Investors to Conventional Lending Challenges. Do you have Bad Credit? Bankruptcy? We are Your Best Bet to Securing Funds for Real Estate! We do busines with Real Estate Investor Businesses and fund based on the quality of the Asset, Not your credit score.

Major Rehab on an "Ugly House"

Buy and Hold for Rental Income

Fix & Retail a "Pretty House"

Re - Finance your Investment Prop.


A respected and sought after Mortgage Lender, PCF Associates LLC specializes in Asset Based Lending with Private Funds. Our goal is to deploy over $1 million this year.  What kind of deal do you have? Doesn't matter.  Bring us your deal! Can you spend our money ???

Have you ever wondered "How can I buy and investment property using no money of my own?" Does your current financial situation not allow you to borrow money with a Fannie Mae, Freddie Max, FHA, or VA loan? The Market is packed solid with Private Funds!